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Muskogee criminal defense attorneyIf you, or someone close to you, is under criminal investigation or has actually been charged with a crime, a Muskogee criminal defense lawyer might be the only thing standing in the way of a closing jailhouse door. To safeguard your future, avoid imprisonment, and maintain a clean record, without delay seek the counsel of a knowledgeable, experienced Muskogee criminal defense attorney at the Wirth Law Office.

A Muskogee criminal defense attorney can handle cases ranging from misdemeanors like petit larceny (a theft by fraud or stealth, intended to deprive the owner of property worth less than $500), to the most serious felony offenses.  We can also help with Muskogee County traffic citations, and defend against DUI charges in Muskogee County.

The stakes couldn’t be much higher for people facing felony charges in Muskogee. Oklahoma incarcerates a greater percentage of its people than almost any other state. The Sooner state imprisons a greater percentage of women than any other state and state where Will Rogers once said he never met a man he didn’t like leads the nation in death sentences per capita. Oklahoma has executed over 100 people by lethal injection since 1990.

Clearly, a felony conviction has tremendous implications: lengthy imprisonment, huge fines, family disruption, tarnished reputation, forfeited property, crushed job prospects – the list could go on at great length. It will obviously be crucial to have a committed, expert Muskogee criminal defense attorney if you are charged with a major offense. But conviction on even a lesser crime can have serious consequences.

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No matter what crime is involved, all defendants have the right to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Police and prosecutors sometime make mistakes, and may fail to follow procedures required by the constitution and other laws intended to protect the rights of defendants. They may also base a case against you on biased or unreliable witnesses, or improperly question you or fail to properly conduct tests or maintain evidence.

A skilled and experienced Muskogee criminal defense attorney will be fully familiar with alternatives to prosecution for the first-time defendants charged with low-level offenses. These alternatives can include such steps as gaining enrollment in a diversion program, and may also involve such steps as restitution or community service.

In other cases, prosecutors may offer a plea bargain. Unfortunately, some criminal defense lawyers are unwilling or unable to fight all out for your rights, or lack the experience to negotiate for the best possible deal, even when their client is willing to consider a plea bargain.

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The capable, experienced Muskogee criminal defense attorneys at the Wirth Law Office will carefully explain the process and alternatives you face, and are willing and able to explore all possible defenses and fight all out for you. In addition, if you have ever been arrested for a crime, or convicted of a criminal offense, you may want to have a Muskogee attorney petition the state court to expunge that blot on your past record.

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