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When the Stakes Are High, Your Lawyer Matters

Muskogee felony defense attorneyIf you or a loved one faces a felony charge, without delay seek the advice and assistance of an experienced Muskogee felony defense attorney to protect your legal rights at every stage of the proceeding.

Unlike a misdemeanor, which can be punished with a maximum jail term of one year, a felony conviction is likely to bring an extended prison term and severe fines. Under Oklahoma law, parole is by law denied or greatly limited for many felony offenses. Some felony charges in Oklahoma preclude probation until at least 85 percent of the sentence has been served.

Even after convicted felons complete their sentences, their criminal record is likely to follow them for the rest of their lives. Extended, restrictive probation periods are common (some felonies cannot be legally expunged). Needless to say, having a felony conviction on your record will also greatly harm your prospects to get or keep a job and provide for your family. By state law, it will also exclude you from being able to obtain many occupational and professional licenses, and bar you from being able to vote or own firearms.

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Protect Your Liberty Before It’s Too Late

With your freedom, reputation and livelihood on the line, you need a Muskogee felony defense attorney who will forcefully protect your rights. With an experienced Muskogee felony defense attorney from the Wirth Law Office on your side, you know that you have a seasoned, effective advocate who will stand up for you.

An experienced felony defense attorney will be thoroughly familiar with police and court procedures, and can identify weaknesses in the case against you. For example, a case may have been filed against as a felony which should have been brought as a misdemeanor, or police interrogation or searches may not have complied with constitutional requirements.  This can sometimes mean prosecutors can be persuaded to reduce or drop charges against you. If the prosecutors decide to proceed against you, an experienced felony defense counsel can represent you in preliminary hearings and work to persuade the court to release you until your trial.

A seasoned Muskogee criminal defense attorney at the Wirth Law Office will also know how to investigate and prepare your defense, and how to deal with prosecutors. Unfortunately, some lawyers, especially those with too little experience, can seem more interested in cutting a speedy deal, even when their client has valid defenses.

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The experienced Muskogee felony defense lawyers at Wirth Law Office bring a solid track record of successful felony defense work. Your liberty is worth defending. Let us use our knowledge and skills to protect your interests.

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