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  • What Constitutes a Common Law Marriage in Muskogee?

    Not all couples who are married choose to get married in a ceremony. Some couples in Muskogee, Oklahoma use the common law marriage method. So the question of what constitutes a common law marriage in Oklahoma becomes a relevant one, especially if a common law couple is seeking a divorce. The question of the existence […]

  • In a Muskogee Divorce, Who Gets the House?

    A Muskogee divorce is a stressful time. Among all the other changes, spouses separating in Oklahoma must also decide who will stay in the marital home, for how long, and how to deal with the financial ramifications of that decision. For many couples, the house is often the single largest asset they own together. Upon separation […]

  • How Soon Can I Remarry After Divorce in Muskogee?

    Divorce in Muskogee, Oklahoma is stressful. When couples head to divorce court, some vow never to get married again, but often couples are more than willing to remarry after divorce. Here is what you might want to know about remarriage in Oklahoma. Oklahoma Has a Mandatory “Cooling Off” Period Oklahoma has a six-month period after […]

  • What Are the Steps in a Muskogee, Oklahoma Divorce?

    Making the decision to file a Muskogee, Oklahoma divorce is a multi-layered one. There are many factors involved in making the decision, including emotional, financial, and logistical. When children are involved in the marriage it can make the decision even more difficult. Spouses with children must take not only their own needs into consideration, but […]

  • Why Did My Divorce Attorney Ask Me to Go To Mediation in Oklahoma?

    Mediation in Oklahoma can be a very valuable tool in resolving outstanding issues during a Muskogee divorce. It is quick, efficient, safe, and can be cost-effective. The court usually orders divorce mediation in Oklahoma. Mediation in Oklahoma: A Tool For Resolution Mediation in Oklahoma is a process that is used in all sorts of legal […]

  • Do Muskogee Divorce Courts Recognize Oklahoma Prenuptial Agreements?

    Oklahoma prenuptial agreements (“prenup”) are also often called an ante-nuptial agreement. Both “pre” and “ante” mean “before” — in this case, before the marriage. Most jurisdictions, including Muskogee, Oklahoma, uphold prenuptial agreements. Couples often come together with significant personal property. Oklahoma prenuptial agreements can be a real aid in maintaining clarity regarding the differences between personal […]

  • How Do Courts Divide Marital Property in Oklahoma in a Muskogee Divorce?

    A Muskogee divorce is a time of enormous stress, especially regarding marital property in Oklahoma. Not only are relationships shifting in often unexpected ways, but a long-term financial unit is coming to an end. And though a marriage is far from a business, upon dissolution, its assets must be divided between spouses. These assets can […]

  • How Can I Fight a Muskogee Charge of Interfering with an Emergency Call?

    Interfering with an emergency call is a crime is Muskogee, Oklahoma. Although interfering with an emergency call in Oklahoma is a misdemeanor, it often accompanies more serious charges. What is Interfering With an Emergency Call? When a person calls 911, they are most often in serious need of help. And while we would like to […]

  • Fighting an Oklahoma False Declaration of Ownership in Pawn Charge

    Pawnshop transactions are built on trust. An Oklahoma false declaration of ownership in pawn charge is a potentially serious criminal offense in Muskogee. Oklahoma Pawnshops Require a Declaration of Ownership In Oklahoma, every pawnshop dealer is required by law to obtain a written declaration of ownership from any seller or pledger (person who pawns an […]

  • Do I Need Grounds for a Divorce in Muskogee, Oklahoma?

    In order to obtain a divorce in Muskogee, Oklahoma, your Petition for Divorce must state appropriate grounds for divorce. Acceptable grounds for a divorce in Muskogee are listed in Oklahoma’s Family Code. Grounds For Divorce in Muskogee The allowed grounds for divorce in Oklahoma include: 1. Abandonment for one year or longer. 2. Adultery. 3. […]

  • What Happens to My Retirement Funds in a Muskogee Divorce?

    In Oklahoma, retirement funds are considered to be a marital asset in a Muskogee divorce. That means that the court must divide all retirement funds equitably between the spouses during the divorce process. In doing so, the court will take into consideration such things as the length of the marriage, the contributions that each spouse […]

  • How Can I Defend Myself Against a Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor Charge in Muskogee?

    Contributing to the delinquency of a minor in Muskogee, Oklahoma is a serious and complicated crime. Exposing a child to bars or drugs or asking a child to join a gang can involve the loss of your freedom. Thinking about harboring a runaway child? There could be serious consequences. What is Contributing to the Delinquency […]

  • Can My Muskogee Divorce Lawyer Keep My Spouse from Taking My Inheritance?

    An Oklahoma divorce is never easy. When it comes time to separate assets during a divorce, the process can raise many questions. The answers to this and other divorce questions depend upon a number of factors. This area of the law can be quite complex. It is best to take all Oklahoma divorce questions to […]

  • What Happens with an Improper Display of License Plate Charge in Muskogee?

    In Muskogee, Oklahoma, it is important to have your license plate clearly visible at all times. And it is important that the license plate be located in the place it is expected and required to be. Otherwise, you could face an improper display of license plate charge. During traffic accidents, or a hit and run, […]

  • How Can I Defend House Larceny Charges Oklahoma?

    In Muskogee, Oklahoma, larceny is best defined as taking someone else’s property, with the intent to deprive them of it, through the use of fraud or stealth. (Okla. Stat. tit. 21 § 1701) This is a broadly written statute. The more broadly written the statute, the more situations that may be found to fall under […]

  • Examining the Crime of Violation of a Protective Order in Oklahoma

    A protective order in Oklahoma is issued by a court, most often in a case of either domestic abuse or other stalking or violent behavior. It is issued to protect the victim. Typically, a protective order in Muskogee prohibits contact. It also prohibits threats, harassment, stalking, and all acts of violence toward the victim. (Okla. […]

  • How Can I Resolve a Warrant for Robbery with a Firearm in Oklahoma?

    Robbery with a firearm in Oklahoma is a serious offense. Even if you are not immediately caught, witnesses could identify you. Thus, a Muskogee judge could issue a warrant against you for robbery with a firearm in Oklahoma. What is a Warrant in Muskogee? A bench warrant is a warrant for your arrest issued by […]

  • What is the Crime of Assault with a Dangerous Weapon in Oklahoma?

    Assault with a dangerous weapon in Oklahoma is a serious offense. In Muskogee, the usual charge is assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Under Oklahoma law, assault is one crime. Battery is another crime. However, the two are often charged together. If you are being investigated or charged, it is important that you know […]

  • What Constitutes Possession of a Stolen Car Oklahoma?

    If you are caught in Muskogee in possession of a stolen car Oklahoma, there are several crimes that you can be charged with. Larceny This is the most straightforward of the crimes you could be charged with in connection to a stolen car Oklahoma. Under Oklahoma law, larceny is defined as the taking of personal […]

  • I Am Charged with Criminal Trespass in Oklahoma: Now What Do I Do?

    Entering someone else’s personal or commercial property without permission constitutes criminal trespass in Oklahoma. The laws in and around Muskogee are very specific — criminal trespass in Oklahoma can lead to fines and jail time. What is Criminal Trespass in Oklahoma? Any willful or malicious entry upon the someone’s land that is devoted to farming, […]

  • What is Second-Degree Murder in Muskogee?

    Even if you grew up watching television crime drama, you might not know it, but not all homicides in Muskogee, Oklahoma are murder. Murder is one of the most severely punished crimes in our society, and all types of murder in Muskogee are punished harshly. What is Second-Degree Murder in Muskogee? Oklahoma, like most states, […]

  • Do I Need a Lawyer to Fight a Ticket for Vehicle Burglary in Oklahoma?

    If you think that vehicle burglary in Oklahoma is no big deal, think again. All burglaries in Muskogee, Oklahoma are felony crimes. If you are convicted of a felony in Oklahoma, you will serve time in jail. Burglary is a Felony Burglary in Oklahoma is categorized as either of the first or second degree. While […]

  • How Do Muskogee Courts Define Grand Larceny in Oklahoma?

    Grand larceny in Oklahoma in a serious crime in Muskogee. Larceny is the taking of another’s property, with the intent to deprive them of it, through the use of fraud or stealth. (Okla. Stat. tit.21 § 1701) Defining Grand Larceny in Oklahoma Oklahoma classifies larceny into two basic categories: petit (French for “small”) and grand […]

  • Contesting Child Endangerment Charges Oklahoma

    In Muskogee, child endangerment charges Oklahoma can encompass anything that endangers the health or safety of a child. As a society we are obligated to protect the segment of society least able to protect themselves. Like it or not, parenting can be difficult at times. We can all suffer financial difficulties, emotional trauma, and substance […]

  • Are Peeping Tom Charges a Sex Crime in Oklahoma?

    “Peeping Tom” statutes vary throughout the country. However, in most jurisdictions, including Muskogee, this is considered a sex crime in Oklahoma. If you are charged with a Peeping Tom sex crime in Oklahoma, be prepared for a stressful battle. Sex crimes are vigorously prosecuted in the state. Sex crimes in Muskogee carry not only fines […]

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