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  • How Serious is a Charge for Second Degree Burglary in Muskogee Oklahoma?

    Getting convicted of a second degree burglary Oklahoma charge is a felony crime in Muskogee. Although second degree burglary is less serious than first degree burglary, it still carries serious penalties. If you or someone you know has been charged with second degree burglary Oklahoma, contact an experienced Muskogee criminal defense attorney today. Getting Charged with Second Degree […]

  • What Constitutes Child Abuse in Muskogee Oklahoma?

    An accusation of child abuse can have far reaching consequences for both the accused and the alleged victim – even if Muskogee authorities never formally file child abuse charges in Oklahoma. It is important to know that many behaviors could constitute child abuse charges in Oklahoma. Defining Child Abuse Under Oklahoma law, the following is […]

  • A Charge of Domestic Assault and Battery in Presence of Minor in Muskogee Okla. is a Felony

    Committing domestic violence in Muskogee, Oklahoma is a serious crime. However, you may find yourself in even greater trouble if you commit domestic assault and battery in presence of minor Oklahoma, even if the child is not yours. If you’ve been charged with domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor, contact an […]

  • Smuggling Drugs into Jail in Muskogee Okla (Or Even Alcohol) Can Cost You

    There are a lot of rules in place for visiting your friends and family in a Muskogee, Oklahoma jail. Although breaking some rules may just get you reprimanded, breaking others may land you in jail yourself. This is especially true if you get caught smuggling drugs into jail in Oklahoma. Even though alcohol is legal for […]

  • Muskogee Law Facts: Enabling Child Abuse by Injury in Oklahoma

    In Muskogee, Oklahoma, child abuse is a serious crime, even if you aren’t the abuser. Caregivers and parents can be criminally liable for child abuse if they simply enable it. If you’ve been accused of or charged with enabling child abuse by injury in Oklahoma, contact an experienced Muskogee child abuse defense attorney as soon as […]

  • Accused of Possession of Stolen Property In Oklahoma? Learn More

    If a deal you’re getting seems too good to be true, chances are it is. Although you may not have anything to do with the theft of property or goods, you can still get in trouble if you purchase them in Muskogee, Oklahoma. This is true even if someone who you don’t even know approaches […]

  • How Serious are Possession of Burglary Tools Oklahoma Laws?

    When it comes to burglary, the act itself not the only crime in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Sometimes, just having tools that can be used to burglarize someone else’s home could be illegal. If you are caught with such implements, you may be charged for violating possession of burglary tools Oklahoma laws. If you’ve been charged with such a crime, […]

  • How Harsh are Meth Production Oklahoma Laws?

    Muskogee, Oklahoma harshly punishes drug crimes, including the manufacturing, possession, or distribution of drugs. State law prohibits the manufacture or attempt to manufacture any controlled dangerous substance; this includes but is certainly not limited to meth production Oklahoma. However, Oklahoma punishes just as harshly the mere offering, solicitation, attempt, or endeavor to commit a drug crime, […]

  • I’m Facing a First-Degree Burglary Charge in Oklahoma: Now What?

    A first-degree burglary charge in Oklahoma is serious crime that can lead to years in jail. If you’ve been charged with this crime, your first step should be to contact an experienced Muskogee criminal defense attorney. About First-Degree Burglary In Oklahoma, it is illegal to break into another person’s home with the intent to commit […]

  • How Serious are Computer Crimes in Oklahoma?

    In an age of technology, committing criminal acts on a computer or via the internet can be just as serious as doing so on the streets. Muskogee, Oklahoma laws harshly punish computer and internet hacking, theft, fraud, and harassment. If you’ve been caught committing computer crimes in Oklahoma, contact an experienced Muskogee criminal defense attorney today. […]

  • What is the Probation Revocation Oklahoma Process?

    When defendants are convicted of a crime in Muskogee, Oklahoma, they are often not required to go to jail. The judge will, instead, sentence a defendant to a deferred sentence. Although this means a defendant does not have to go to jail for his crime, they must follow strict rules during their deferred sentence. If […]

  • Muskogee Lawyer Notes: Petty Theft in Oklahoma is a Crime

    No matter how small the amount or product, petty theft in Oklahoma is a crime. If you’ve been caught stealing in Muskogee, you may be charged with petit larceny, which is a misdemeanor offense. If this applies to you, then contact an experienced Muskogee theft defense attorney today. Defining Petit Larceny in Oklahoma Larceny is […]

  • Is Possession of Marijuana in Oklahoma a Serious Offense?

    Even though it may not seem like a big deal, getting caught in possession of marijuana in Oklahoma can actually land you in some pretty serious legal trouble. Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug in Oklahoma, which means that Muskogee courts don’t take its use or possession lightly. If you or someone you […]

  • Do I Need a Lawyer for 1st Degree Manslaughter in Oklahoma?

    Causing the death of another person is always a serious crime, even if you acted in self-defense. If you’ve been charged with 1st degree manslaughter in Oklahoma, you may be facing a felony conviction and several years in prison. For this reason, you should absolutely contact a Muskogee criminal defense attorney if you’ve been accused […]

  • Can a Muskogee Lawyer Beat a Possession of Meth in Oklahoma Charge?

    Possession of meth in Oklahoma is serious and can carry significant penalties, including jail time. If you’ve been charged with possession of methamphetamine in Muskogee, your chances of success at trial depend on a number of factors. An experienced drug defense attorney can help you receive the best possible outcome in your case, even if you […]

  • Defining Fictitious, Fraudulent, and False Claims Against the Government in Muskogee

    Getting into trouble for being dishonest is often easier than you may think. In fact, you may find yourself in court if you’ve made any type of false claims against the government in Muskogee, Oklahoma. This usually means submitting application or forms with false information on it. If you’ve been accused of doing this, an […]

  • What Happens in Muskogee Court with a Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon in Oklahoma Charge?

    Although the term “felon in possession” may sound familiar to some, most are unaware that possession of a firearm by a convicted felon in Oklahoma can have serious consequences. Although the city of Muskogee punishes various gun crimes, a felon in possession charge will land you in state court, instead of municipal court. Under Oklahoma […]

  • Dealing with a Driving with a Suspended License in Oklahoma Charge in Muskogee? Learn More

    It is a crime for even the greatest drivers to hit the road driving with a suspended license in Oklahoma. (Okla. Stat. Tit. 47. Sec 6-303). If you’ve been caught driving with a suspended license in Muskogee, you’ll find yourself before a judge and facing hundreds of dollars in fines. However, if you are able […]

  • What is Aggravated Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon in Muskogee, Oklahoma?

    Although the crimes of assault and battery usually lead to lighter punishments, aggravated assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in Muskogee, Oklahoma can escalate the crime and land you in serious trouble. If you’ve been charged with aggravated assault and battery, you may find yourself facing years behind bars and thousands of dollars in […]

  • Muskogee Law on Driving With No Proof of Car Insurance in Oklahoma

    Driving without insurance in Muskogee, Oklahoma is a crime, punishable under both state and Muskogee law. If you have insurance you must always carry evidence of the policy with you, or you could also land in legal hot water. Getting caught driving with no proof of car insurance in Oklahoma will mean you must appear in municipal […]

  • The Elements of Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle in Oklahoma

    Taking someone else’s car without their permission is a serious crime in Muskogee, Oklahoma. In fact, you can be charged with the crime of unauthorized use of a vehicle in Oklahoma even if you intend to return the car to its owner. Because this crime can have far-reaching consequences, an experienced Muskogee criminal defense attorney […]

  • In Muskogee What Happens if Convicted of False Impersonation Oklahoma?

    The city of Muskogee and the state of Oklahoma take the act of impersonating another person very seriously. In fact, you may find yourself in legal trouble if you are convicted of false impersonation Oklahoma. If you’ve been charged with this crime, contact a Muskogee fraud defense attorney immediately. Impersonating Officers Muskogee residents can be […]

  • How Can I Fight Muskogee Oklahoma Assault and Battery Charges?

    Losing your cool can cost you if you get arrested on Muskogee, Oklahoma assault and battery charges. If arrested, you may be charged with a misdemeanor crime under either Muskogee or Oklahoma law. If you or someone you know faces Oklahoma assault and battery charges, contact a Muskogee criminal defense attorney today. Defining Assault and Battery Although […]

  • Muskogee Law: What Constitutes Child Neglect in Oklahoma?

    Sometimes, even well-meaning parents may find themselves wondering what constitutes child neglect in Oklahoma. This is because the state defines the crime broadly, which can lead to serious legal problems for parents and guardians. In the most serious cases, an accusation of child neglect can cause a court to split up a family. Because of the […]

  • How Does a Muskogee Court Define Application to Revoke Oklahoma?

    Sometimes, it’s a lot harder to stay out of legal trouble than we think. However, if you find yourself unable to do so while you’re on probation or parole, you may end up in front of a judge once again due to a process known as application to revoke Oklahoma. About Application to Revoke Oklahoma […]

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