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alimony in MuskogeeDivorce is one of the most stressful events that we go through in our lives. It signals the end of an emotional connection with a spouse. At the same time, it signals the end of a working financial unit.

As a marriage ends and as we move through divorce, we make financial decisions that can affect our lives for years to come. Alimony in Muskogee, Oklahoma is one of those decisions.

What is Alimony in Muskogee?

Alimony is money given by one spouse to the other to help that spouse transition to a new life. It is often given when there is a large disparity in income between spouses.

Spousal maintenance is one type of support award. It is given to a spouse during the divorce proceeding as spouses are issues such as assets and liabilities are being sorted out. It is a temporary order.

Alimony in Muskogee is an order for spousal support after the divorce. It can be paid in monthly installments or in a lump sum. Its purpose is to allow a spouse time to transition to a new life.

Alimony: Need and Ability to Pay

Oklahoma has guidelines in place regarding the awarding of alimony during a divorce. Rather than making a strict alimony calculation according to rules set forth in a statute, the judge looks at each spousal situation individually to determine if alimony should be awarded, how much alimony should be awarded, and for how long.

The judge looks at such things as the length of the marriage, the needs of each spouse, and the ability of each spouse to support themselves. The court may look at how much time a custodial parent spends with the children as opposed to working. The court may look at whether a spouse can look at further schooling in order to re-enter the job market if that spouse has been at home taking care of children for a number of years.

The court will only order alimony in Muskogee if the other spouse has the ability to pay it. If the other spouse does not have a large income, or has significant personal debt accrued before marriage, the court may decide not to award alimony even if the other spouse needs it.

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