Muskogee Lawyer BlogHow is Child Support in Muskogee OK Calculated?

child support in Muskogee OKPaying child support in Muskogee OK is a legal and moral obligation. It is enforceable in every state. Oklahoma takes this obligation seriously.

Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines

The Oklahoma legislature has passed laws that created child support guidelines. These guidelines are the basis of all child support awards that are made in Oklahoma.

The formula is somewhat complex and takes into account such things as: each parent’s earning ability, other income sources, the number of children that need support, including a parent’s support obligations to children from another marriage, the time that a child spends with each parent, and such things as health insurance and day care costs.

In general, the more time a child spends with a parent, the more costs are involved. Food, shelter, and other costs are often borne most heavily by the custodial parent.

Child support guidelines are meant to even out those costs between the parents. However, even if custody is split evenly, 50/50 between the parents, usually the parent with the most income will have to pay some child support.

Determining Child Support in Muskogee OK

If you and your spouse can come to an agreement regarding the amount of child support owed, you can put that into the marital settlement agreement for the court to review and approve.

If you and your spouse cannot agree, the court will calculate the amount based on the state’s guidelines.

In general, the court takes each parent’s gross income and then subtracts certain costs including those mentioned above and other costs such as state and federal taxes, costs associated with work, and the like.

The parents’ adjusted gross income is added together and then parents’ contributions are determined, and the amount that is to be paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent is set.

Finally, the non-custodial parent may receive a shared parenting credit if that parent’s overnights with the child exceed 120 nights per year. If you are granted the shared parenting credit, your obligation to pay child support in Muskogee OK will be reduced.

Child support calculators, incorporating the guidelines, are available online. In general, the court’s child support award is very close to the amount that these calculators predict.

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