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  • When Can a Muskogee Attorney Get an Oklahoma Custody Modification?

    Parents’ situations change over time. The custody order that worked well two years ago, at the time of your divorce, may not work well now. The good news is that in Muskogee, Oklahoma, if your custody order no longer works well, you can get a modification of that order under certain circumstances. Custody, support, and […]

  • Can My Attorney Get a Court to Award Alimony in Muskogee?

    Divorce is one of the most stressful events that we go through in our lives. It signals the end of an emotional connection with a spouse. At the same time, it signals the end of a working financial unit. As a marriage ends and as we move through divorce, we make financial decisions that can […]

  • What Are the Consequences for Not Paying Child Support in Muskogee?

    While parents want the best for their children, sometimes parents fall behind on their child support obligations in Muskogee, Oklahoma. A parent can lose a job, become ill, or encounter unexpected expenses. If this is your situation, it is best to communicate clearly and non-combatively with each other to see if a solution can be […]

  • How is Divorce Different Than Legal Separation in Muskogee?

    There are times when a couple may choose to legally separate rather than divorce. Sometimes, a couple will seek a legal separation in Muskogee, Oklahoma when divorce is not an option. The couple may not longer wish to live together, but their religion prohibits divorce. Other times, a couple may prefer a legal separation to […]

  • What is Joint Custody in a Muskogee Divorce Case?

    A Muskogee, Oklahoma divorce can be traumatic for parents and children. As parents move toward divorce, they are filled with questions regarding the process and how best to help themselves and their children negotiate that process. It is the job of the Oklahoma court to ensure that the best interests of the children are looked […]

  • What Constitutes a Common Law Marriage in Muskogee?

    Not all couples who are married choose to get married in a ceremony. Some couples in Muskogee, Oklahoma use the common law marriage method. So the question of what constitutes a common law marriage in Oklahoma becomes a relevant one, especially if a common law couple is seeking a divorce. The question of the existence […]

  • In a Muskogee Divorce, Who Gets the House?

    A Muskogee divorce is a stressful time. Among all the other changes, spouses separating in Oklahoma must also decide who will stay in the marital home, for how long, and how to deal with the financial ramifications of that decision. For many couples, the house is often the single largest asset they own together. Upon separation […]

  • How Soon Can I Remarry After Divorce in Muskogee?

    Divorce in Muskogee, Oklahoma is stressful. When couples head to divorce court, some vow never to get married again, but often couples are more than willing to remarry after divorce. Here is what you might want to know about remarriage in Oklahoma. Oklahoma Has a Mandatory “Cooling Off” Period Oklahoma has a six-month period after […]

  • What Are the Steps in a Muskogee, Oklahoma Divorce?

    Making the decision to file a Muskogee, Oklahoma divorce is a multi-layered one. There are many factors involved in making the decision, including emotional, financial, and logistical. When children are involved in the marriage it can make the decision even more difficult. Spouses with children must take not only their own needs into consideration, but […]

  • Why Did My Divorce Attorney Ask Me to Go To Mediation in Oklahoma?

    Mediation in Oklahoma can be a very valuable tool in resolving outstanding issues during a Muskogee divorce. It is quick, efficient, safe, and can be cost-effective. The court usually orders divorce mediation in Oklahoma. Mediation in Oklahoma: A Tool For Resolution Mediation in Oklahoma is a process that is used in all sorts of legal […]