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  • Do I Need a Divorce to End a Common Law Marriage in Oklahoma?

    A marriage in Muskogee, Oklahoma needs to be contracted through a formal ceremony. However, a common law marriage in Oklahoma is also legally recognized. Okla. Stat. tit. 43 § 7a When two people decide to live together for a long time, share a common last name, and have joint bank accounts, loans, mortgages, and shared […]

  • Steps in a Muskogee Divorce

    If you live in Muskogee, Oklahoma, you or your partner can file for a Muskogee divorce in a family court in the county. The party filing for divorce is referred to as the petitioner, and the other party is the respondent. Steps in a Muskogee Divorce The petitioner files a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage […]

  • What is an Application to Accelerate in Oklahoma?

    Learn about an application to accelerate in Oklahoma.

  • Understanding Domestic Assault and Battery in the Presence of a Minor

    Domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor is a serious crime in Oklahoma. It is a felony and can include jail time. Learn more.

  • Larceny from a Retailer: Unpacking Oklahoma Shoplifting Laws

    Larceny from a retailer can be an expensive crime to deal with if you are caught. Penalties can be both criminal and civil. Learn more here.

  • Prescription Forgery is a Felony in Muskogee

    Prescription forgery and fraud are felonies in Oklahoma, both carrying serious fines and jail time. Learn more here.

  • Permitting Child Abuse by Injury is a Felony in Muskogee

    Permitting child abuse by injury is a felony in Oklahoma. Learn more here and get the help you need.

  • What is Petit Larceny in Oklahoma?

    Petite larceny is a misdemeanor in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Learn more about it here.

  • Understanding the Crime of Kidnapping in Muskogee

    Kidnapping has serious consequences in Oklahoma. Learn more here.

  • Possession of Methamphetamine in Muskogee is a Misdemeanor

    Simple possession of illegal drugs is a misdemeanor in Oklahoma. Learn more here.

  • Elements of First Degree Murder in Muskogee

    Learn about how Oklahoma law treats first degree murder.

  • What Happens if I Don’t Pay Child Support in Muskogee?

    Someone must pay child support in Muskogee, Oklahoma. If you get behind in payments for months and your ex does not do anything about it, don’t think you have gotten away with it. You will end up paying all the child support you owe. When You Can’t Pay Child Support Most people do not maliciously […]

  • Who Gets the House in a Muskogee Divorce?

    It’s a question that comes up almost anytime a divorce involves division of real estate assets: “Who gets the house in a Muskogee, Oklahoma divorce?” This is probably because a house is one of the most expensive assets that you and your spouse own. When a house is marital property, it is likely that as […]

  • Four Things to Avoid During a Muskogee Child Custody Case

    Child custody and child support will be determined in court during a Muskogee, Oklahoma divorce. A judge will usually rule to involve both parents in their children’s lives. This, even the divorcing parents of minor children must find ways to relate amicably in regard to the children. This is something each parent must work on […]

  • How Can I Collect Child Support in Muskogee County if My Ex Does Not Pay?

    In Muskogee, Oklahoma, both parents are expected to pay for the upkeep of their children even when they do not live with their offspring; this is called child support. In an ideal situation, both parents are willing to support their children as required. Unfortunately, sometimes one of the parents may be unwilling or unable to […]

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