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  • What Are the Requirements for a Will to Be Found Valid Under Oklahoma Law?

    In the state of Oklahoma, in order for a will to be found valid, a person must have been over the age of 18 when making the will.

  • What Is a Service?

    Service of process may be effected different ways depending on the type of issue you’re bringing into court and who receives it.

  • Probates in Muskogee, Oklahoma: An Oklahoma Attorney Explains

    Probate is the courtroom procedure for which a person’s property after they’ve passed away, is distributed.

  • What Is a Tort?

    Oklahoma law has several statutes and there’s even case law on this subject where someone was injured because of the fault of another.

  • How Do You Change Your Name in Oklahoma?

    According to the Muskogee Attorney, a name change in Oklahoma requires that you get permission from the district court.

  • What Are the Requirements to Get Unemployment in Oklahoma?

    You must have made the minimum amount of wages allowed by the OESC in order to justify receiving these benefits.

  • What Do You Do When You Are Denied Unemployment Benefits?

    You need to know is that you only have 10 days to file your appeal otherwise you lose the right to appeal in the state of Oklahoma.

  • What Happens if I Write a Check With Insufficient Funds in My Account?

    This is a major crime and the district attorney’s office can file charges against you for writing a bogus check.

  • What Is Adverse Possession Under Oklahoma Law?

    Adverse possession is when someone who is not the record title owner actually occupies spaces if they’re the owner on someone else’s land.

  • What Is Larceny Under Oklahoma Law?

    There are two levels of larceny, petite larceny going first with punishments that range from fines to up to a year in jail.

  • Comparing a Muskogee Semi-Truck Accident Case and a Car Crash Case

    A Muskogee semi-truck accident case could result in a significantly higher settlement amount than a typical car crash case. A semi-truck is a much heavier vehicle than a car. When it is involved in an accident, the damage to property and injury to people may be significantly worse as compared to accidents involving other types […]

  • What is the Deadline for Filing a Lawsuit After a Muskogee Car Accident?

    The statute of limitations in Oklahoma defines the timelines for filing a personal injury claim. The preceding implies that under Oklahoma law, you have a limited time to make an injury claim after a Muskogee car accident. The amount of time you have depends on a number of factors. For instance, if you were involved […]

  • What Happens When the Court Appoints a Guardian Ad Litem in my Muskogee Child Custody Case

    In a child custody case, a court may appoint a guardian ad litem if there are some issues that are contentious. A guardian ad litem in Muskogee, Oklahoma investigates what is in the best interests of children who are too young to represent themselves. A court will appoint a guardian ad litem in a high […]

  • What is Pure Several Liability in a Muskogee Auto Accident Claim?

    If you are a plaintiff trying to bring a multiparty claim in a Muskogee auto accident, you have much more work than you would have had before the adoption of a new approach in 2011. Pure several liability in Muskogee applies to all civil suits, except those arising from contracts. Okla. Stat. tit. 23 § […]

  • Should You Talk to an Insurance Adjuster After a Muskogee Car Crash?

    Insurance companies are businesses that make money when they pay as few Muskogee car crash claims as possible. Even though they cannot avoid paying all claims, they focus on reducing what they pay. An insurance adjuster works for an insurance company, and their loyalty is with their employer. If you need to talk to an […]

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