Muskogee Lawyer BlogWhat Is a Special Administrator of an Estate?

A Special Administrator Acts On Behalf of a Decedent’s Estate until a More Permanent Appointment Is Made

attorney in MuskogeeVideo Transcribed:  What is a special administrator of an estate? Hi, I’m Eric Strocen. I’m a Muskogee attorney with the Wirth Law Offices here to explain. This topic’s important because people don’t always respect the laws that apply to a decedent’s property.

Now, some of these things have sentimental value and substantial monetary value and others may move to use that value or exploit that value in a way that’s not appropriate, which is why the law provides for, in Oklahoma, a special administrator to be appointed.

Basically, this person would be tasked with maintaining the status quo, keeping things safe, making sure no one sells anything, no one moves anything, no one takes anything until we have a hearing and actually do probate in Muskogee. If you need help with this, because the assets in your loved one’s estate are being threatened, please reach out to me

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