Muskogee Lawyer BlogDo You Need an Attorney to Help You with Your Unemployment Appeal?

 An Attorney Can Benefit Your Unemployment Case

attorney in MuskogeeVideo Transcribed:  Do you need an attorney to help you with your unemployment appeal? Hi, I’m Eric Strocen. I’m an attorney in Muskogee, Oklahoma with the Wirth Law Offices. I run the Muskogee office, and I’m here to talk to you today about this important topic.

I believe that it brings you quite a bit of benefit to have an attorney present over that phone hearing in order to help you organize your thoughts, question their witnesses, and overall, just to be another eye on the case so that you’re not out there alone.

I believe it brings you the great advantage to have an attorney present, although, it’s not required. There are things we are trained in that may benefit you in your unemployment case. If you have an unemployment case coming up, have a hearing set, and you’re looking for representation, please reach out to the Muskogee lawyer at Wirth Law offices or visit us online at

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