Muskogee Lawyer BlogThe Opposing Party Isn’t Following Court Order: What Do I Do?

File an Indirect Contempt

Video Transcribed: What do you do when the opposing party isn’t following your court order? Hi, I’m Eric Strocen. I’m an attorney in Muskogee, Okla with the Wirth Law Offices.

In Oklahoma, when someone does not follow a court order for something that they’re supposed to do out of court, you can file for what’s known as indirect contempt. Direct contempt is a whole separate thing, and it takes place in the courtroom. Indirect refers to something that happened outside of the courtroom, in which the court needs to look at and see that its order, in that case, isn’t being followed.Lawyer in Muskogee

It starts off with us filing a motion for contempt and having the filing fee paid. And then it gets set for a hearing and we move forward on that hearing. Typically, that first one is similar to an arraignment. If you’ve ever been involved in a criminal case, you would know what that is. And we present evidence and we go from there.

If you have a court order that you need to be enforced, or that the other person is not following the directive of the court, please reach out to the Muskogee Criminal Defense Attorney at the Wirth Law Offices.

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