Muskogee Lawyer BlogHow to Transfer a Case up to Civil Court from Small Claims Court in Oklahoma

Quicker and Cheaper Is Not Always Better


Muskogee defense attorneyVideo Transcribed: Oklahoma attorney Eric Strocen here, here to talk to you today about transferring a case up to civil court from small claims court.

We’re talking about if you’re in small claims court, you’re being sued, and you’re the defendant, under certain circumstances, when the dollar amount you’re being sued for exceeds $7,500, you have the right to automatically transfer that case up to civil court upon a motion. More than that, it grants you the ability to collect attorney’s fees per the statute.

Now, this can have a myriad of benefits depending on the facts of your case. One difference between civil court and small claims court is the ability to do extensive discovery. Because of the fact that you’re being sued for so much money, it’s important that you place the other person in a position to allow you to collect the information related to that debt or whatever have you.

Risking doing it in the small claims court and allowing it just to be a he said, she said can be very risky. Although it’s quicker and cheaper, it may not get you the amount of protection you could get if you could conduct discovery.

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