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  • Understand The Key Differences Between Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcies In Muskogee

    If you are considering bankruptcy in Muskogee, you probably already know that federal and state bankruptcy laws allow consumers (and businesses) to either eliminate or restructure their debt, while receiving protection from creditors. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are the most common types of bankruptcies that apply to consumers. That being said, there are fundamental […]

  • Think You Qualify For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Muskogee? Think Again

    If you are looking for debt relief under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, do not assume that you automatically qualify because you can’t pay your bills. Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide you relief if you’re burdened with overwhelming debt and harassed by creditors, but in order to qualify, you must first meet certain statutory requirements pertaining […]

  • How to File Bankruptcy in Muskogee And Still Keep Your Car

    If you have lost control over your finances and find yourself behind in your debt payments, you may already know that you can apply for relief by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy today. You may, nonetheless, be concerned that if you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will lose certain important assets, such as your car, which […]

  • Getting Credit After A Muskogee Bankruptcy (The Easy Way)

    The recent recession has left many Oklahomans facing mountains of debt and unable to keep up with their debt payments. Many have considered seeking relief from creditors by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but are unsure if they will ever be able to get credit again after filing bankruptcy. The truth is, however, that getting […]

  • How Filing Bankruptcy in Muskogee Can Help You Keep Your Home

    The alarming rise in the rate of foreclosures across the nation has been a familiar topic in the news over the last several years. Many families who have never had any financial difficulties  are now struggling to keep their homes. For a large percentage of them, losing their homes through foreclosure will become an unavoidable […]

  • Key Features of Filing for Bankruptcy in Oklahoma

    There are several features of bankruptcy proceedings that are present in nearly every case that are important to understand before filing for bankruptcy. The traditional features of bankruptcy proceedings include the automatic stay, the assignment of a trustee, executory contracts, and the meeting of creditors. The relatively new additions to this list are the “means […]