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  • What Is a Special Administrator of an Estate?

    A special administrator acts the on behalf of a decedent’s estate until a more permanent appointment is made.

  • Can You Host an Estate Sale without There Being a Probate?

    It is risky to deal with assets of a decedent without probate or some other estate planning mechanism meant to distribute property per the law.

  • Learn The Best Ways To Avoid Probate In Muskogee

    Probate can be slow and costly, tying up your estate for months or even years and consuming a substantial amount of the estate that you intend to leave for your loved ones. But avoiding probate doesn’t need to be complicated. There are several simple steps you can take to insure that a great portion of […]

  • All You Need To Know About Probate In Muskogee

    Probate is a term that you may have heard often, but that you are still unfamiliar with.  Probate performs an important function in our society, and planning for probate is an essential component of estate planning. Learn in this article everything you need to know about probate in Muskogee. What is Probate in Muskogee? In […]

  • What happens to my property if I die without a will in Oklahoma?

    The purpose of leaving a will is to ensure that your desires for the future of your estate are fulfilled when you die. When you die without a will, a difficult time for your loved ones becomes more difficult as they settle the affairs of your estate. When so much is at stake, a skilled […]