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  • Is Everything I Tell My Muskogee Divorce Attorney Confidential?

    The attorney-client privilege, and the confidentiality it confers in Muskogee, is sacrosanct — or just about.  The privilege is important to effective legal representation, and the privilege guarantees that communications between a client and an attorney are confidential. A confidential communication is not discoverable by a party or that party’s attorney, or by anther else […]

  • What is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order in a Muskogee Divorce?

    A qualified domestic relations order is necessary in Muskogee. Often called a QDRO, these orders are helpful in divorces and can be used to allocate retirement benefits to a spouse. It is a court order and reflects the settlement agreement dividing property upon divorce. The order tells the retirement account or benefits administrator of a […]

  • Can I File for Divorce in Muskogee if My Wife Moved Out of State With Our Children?

    Spouses who are separating often want to put as much physical distance between themselves and the other spouse as possible, even moving out of state from Oklahoma. However, there are some limitations to a spouse’s ability to do that when children are involved. Relocation can cross the line into kidnapping when parents do not act […]

  • Do I Have to File for Divorce if I Was In a Muskogee Common Law Marriage

    A common law marriage is a legal marriage in Oklahoma, and as such, if involved in a common law marriage in Muskogee, you will need to go through the divorce process. Common law marriages often arise when cohabiting couples stay together for years and hold themselves out as a “married” couple. This almost always starts […]

  • Help! My Ex is Living in Muskogee With a Lover and Collecting Alimony from Me

    Alimony is always a difficult subject in a divorce. As needed as it often is, when emotions run high, alimony can be a touchy subject for both sides. But there are circumstances in which alimony, once ordered by the court, should be modified. Here is what you need to know about alimony modification and termination in […]

  • How Can I Establish Oklahoma Father’s Parental Rights if I Am Not Married to My Child’s Mother?

    Paternity issues can be complicated. Oklahoma is a state in which paternity is presumed when parents are married. So if you and your wife have a child, you will be presumed to be the father absent other compelling evidence. Likewise, when a couple is unmarried and the woman bears a child, even if you are […]

  • Can I Get an Oklahoma Child Support Modification if My New Job Pays Less Than I Made Before?

    Child support changes sometimes. People want to give their children every advantage they can. They want their children to succeed in life. But these days — especially with a volatile economy — sometimes not all the changes that we experience are good ones, and Oklahoma families may need to seek out a child support modification. […]

  • How Do I Collect Oklahoma Child Support if I Am Not Married to My Child’s Father?

    In Oklahoma, all parents have a moral, legal and ethical duty to support their children. While the ethical and moral duty may continue on into adulthood, depending on the circumstances, the legal duty continues until a child reaches the age of majority, usually the age of 18. In Oklahoma, this could result in paternity action. […]

  • Can I Relocate After Divorce With My Children?

    The desire to relocate after divorce in Muskogee, Oklahoma can be a hot button topic. Relocation is a part of divorce as spouses separate. And sometimes, a parent chooses to move far away to get a fresh start. However, if you want to relocate after divorce—especially out of state—you should check with your attorney before making […]

  • Does Adultery in Oklahoma Matter in a Muskogee Divorce?

    Like all states, Oklahoma law states that grounds for the divorce must be listed in the petition for divorce. The petition for a Muskogee divorce must state one of these grounds, and adultery in Oklahoma is a legitimate reason for divorce. Adultery in Oklahoma is Grounds for a Muskogee Divorce The grounds stated must be that […]