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  • Your Social Security Statement: Checking Your Earnings And Benefits

    The Social Security Administration (SSA) maintains a database of each individual’s earnings and work credits, according to their social security number. You can view these figures on your Social Security statement, which can be monitored by you to plan for retirement and correct errors in your benefit calculations. Learn here how you can check your […]

  • How To Increase Your Social Security Benefits

    The amount of Social Security benefit payments you receive when you retire largely depends on how much money you earned over the course of your working lifetime, the age at which you begin receiving benefits and the number of dependents you have. There are  a number of ways to increase the amount of your Social […]

  • Filing for Social Security Benefits in Oklahoma

    If you become disabled and unable to work, you may be entitled to receive benefits from the Social Security administration, regardless of your age. The purpose of this article is to explain how you can initially file for Social Security benefits and to provide you with a few things to keep in mind when you […]

  • When to Begin Claiming Social Security Benefits

    The decision to begin claiming Social Security benefits can be rather complicated. It’s made more stressful by the fact that once you make a decision, it cannot be changed. An experienced Social Security attorney can help you evaluate the decision to begin claiming benefits. To help you decide when to begin claiming Social Security benefits, […]

  • Filing Bankruptcy in Oklahoma: Terms That You Should Know

    The bankruptcy process is filled with terms and concepts that the average layperson will not be familiar with. For a better understanding of the bankruptcy process and how filing bankruptcy in Oklahoma can help you, here are several terms that you should know. The Automatic Stay The biggest immediate relief provided by bankruptcy is the […]