Muskogee Lawyer BlogWhat Happens if I Don’t Pay Child Support in Muskogee?

pay child supportSomeone must pay child support in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

If you get behind in payments for months and your ex does not do anything about it, don’t think you have gotten away with it. You will end up paying all the child support you owe.

When You Can’t Pay Child Support

Most people do not maliciously refuse to pay child support. Something like a job loss may happen, or you could get seriously ill and unable to send child support.

The best course of action when your circumstances have changed significantly, and you are unable to meet your child support obligations, is to talk to a Muskogee child support attorney. The attorney will advise you on the best action to take in your circumstances. He can advise you on the possibility of having a court reduce the child support you pay.

However, you must pay what you owe at the time the court orders a reduction of your future child support payments.

Collecting Back Child Support

When you do not pay child support, for whatever reason, only the other parent will know that you have defaulted — unless the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) is involved.

When DHS is involved, they enforce the collection of child support. DHS is usually not too fast in enforcing payments, but they always get it done.

If DHS is not involved, the custodial parent can enforce collection. One of the following actions can be taken against you for not paying child support.

  1. The other parent can petition for you to be found in contempt of court for disobeying an order. The penalty for this is jail time, a fine, or both if the judge convicts you of this offense.
  2. The other parent can pursue civil collection efforts. A court may order your employer to pay the other parent directly from your income (this is called a wage garnishment or intercept). The other parent may also seek a bank attachment or levy.
  3. He or she could also seek to have you prosecuted for defaulting on child support payments.
  4. Oklahoma Child Support Enforcement could add you to its “Most Wanted” list.
  5. Liens could be placed on your property.
  6. You may not be granted a passport when you want or need one.
  7. Your state and federal tax refunds may be intercepted.
  8. The registrations of your vehicles, boats, airplanes, trucks, or motorcycles could be canceled.

Wage garnishment is the primary method used to enforce child support payments unless the parent owed agrees to another arrangement.

You Cannot Cheat the Law

Considering that severe measures are taken against you for not paying child support, it is not advisable to default in paying.

Do not trust any strategies to evade child support, because they never work. If you move to another state, you will still pay child support.

Regardless of where you live in the United States, the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act is used to enforce child support across state lines.

Courts consider the best interests of children when deciding upon matters involving them. Their best interests are served when both parents are involved in paying for their upkeep, and this is what courts will enforce.

If for some reason you resent having to pay child support and decide to leave your job to avoid paying anything, you will not get away with it. You will have your property attached.

Filing for bankruptcy or even dying will not exempt you from child support payments. If you happen to pass on, the child support you owe will be paid from your estate.

Remember, the child support you owe does not go away because the other parent is quiet for now. He or she could pursue collection at any time. This is not leverage you want your ex-spouse or partner to have against you.

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