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business law attorney in MuskogeeIn general, the legal business world can be divided into two basic types of practices. The transactional side of Oklahoma business law focuses on planning and executing, while the litigation side of business law practice focuses on the lawsuits and disputes that arise between parties in a business context. These two sides are very different. In larger law firms, often attorneys specialize in one side of the practice or the other. In smaller firms, often one or two attorneys will handle both sides of the practice. Finding a business law attorney in Muskogee whom you trust can be important. At some point in their lives, everyone uses the services of a business law attorney. People in business use their services all the time.

Business Law Attorney: The Transactional Side

The most important tool used by a business law attorney who works on the transactional side is the contract. Contracts are used every day in the business world to memorialize an agreement between two or more people or entities. Contracts must be negotiated and drafted carefully so that the client’s needs are protected and so that it reflects the understanding of the parties. From leases to indemnification, to non disclosure agreements, to terms and agreements for a website, more and more people use the services of a Muskogee attorney to help them with the contracts they need to run their businesses.

Good contracts anticipate and incorporate tools to handle a situation when something goes wrong. And many contracts are particular to the type of business involved. The language used in a real estate contract would not be applicable to an employment contract, for example. That is why you do not want to use common boilerplate contracts that are readily available on the internet for your business without consulting with an attorney first.

Those contracts may be incomplete, not cover the necessary contingencies for your business, and may not have tools in them to cover a situation when a contract is breached. A good contract anticipates breach and addresses tools such as dispute resolution, arbitration clauses, severance clauses, and other tools that are helpful when things go awry.

Business Planning, Taxation, And Compliance

The other major component of the transactional side of business involves planning, taxation, and compliance. Planning and taxation go hand in hand. Planning includes writing an initial business plan, but it also includes growth strategies, expansion, and feasibility. All of these are colored by taxation.

Tax code is complex and colors every aspect of how a business operates from initial startup to initial public offerings (IPOs). A good attorney is necessary to make sure that your business is protected through good tax planning at every stage.

Compliance with the law is necessary at the city, county, state, and federal levels. This is true at start-up and throughout the lifespan of your business. As part of the initial start-up and planning, an attorney can help ensure that your business is in compliance with all governmental rules and regulations. And that you remain in compliance. A yearly compliance check-in with your business law attorney in Muskogee can prevent trouble down the road.

Litigation: The Other Side of Things

Most businesses see litigation at some point during the lifespan of the business. Some of that litigation can be handled through the insurance that you have in place to protect your business. The type of insurance and the need for it will depend on the type of business you have.

All brick and mortar business establishments have some business insurance to cover accidents and the like. Professionals such as doctors and lawyers have errors and omissions coverage to protect their businesses as well.

Other types of claims and lawsuits may not be handled by insurance coverage. This may include such things as the failure of a vendor to provide the materials specified in a contract, employment law issues, and the like.

Often, your business law attorney is the first point of contact for these types of disputes. If your contracts were well-drafted, often your attorney can help get things back on track absent engaging in full-blown litigation.

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