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Tired of the Stigma of an Old Conviction? Get a Pardon

One of the most difficult things a person can do after a conviction in Muskogee, Oklahoma is to pick up and move on, especially in a law-abiding manner. Statistics show that in 2008 incarceration levels had risen to a point where 1 in 100 American adults was behind bars.Muskogee pardon attorney

Incarceration is very expensive, and many states are seeking ways to reduce the rate at which paroled adults return to a criminal life and jail. Studies show that implementing community supervision policies and practices that promote successful re-entry lower recidivism rates.

One tool that can be used to promote successful re-entry is the pardon. A pardon eases the stigma of an old conviction and make re-entry easier. Your Muskogee pardon attorney can help you pick up and move on.

Pardon Me Boys, Is That a Pardon Coming My Way?

Oklahoma has a pardon mechanism in place. The Oklahoma Governor’s office issues pardons every year. A pardon of your prior conviction may not erase it, but it is the next best thing.

A background check will still show your conviction, but it will also show your pardon. A Governor’s pardon is granted only if you can show the Pardon Board that you are ready to be a full citizen in society again. It is an official mark of faith in your abilities.

An official pardon also makes it possible for you to vote again, serve on a jury, and obtain certain professional and other licenses that might not be open to you otherwise. If you own a restaurant, you can get a liquor license again. If you want to be a licensed cosmetologist or other professional, you can now readily apply for that license.

Finally, if you had your firearms confiscated or were prohibited from owning a firearm by virtue of your conviction, your ability to own firearms may be restored if your underlying conviction was not for a violent crime.

Pardons are available if the crime was originally committed in Oklahoma, if you have completed all court requirements including the payment of all fees and costs, if there are no charges pending against you, if you are not currently in jail, and if you have not applied for a pardon in the past year.

The pardon process can take as long as a year from submission of the application to obtaining a decision. A lot goes on in that year, including a full investigation of you and your entire background. It also includes a hearing at which you or your attorney may address the Pardon Board.

The application itself is 16 pages long and the information that you provide must be both complete and succinct. In addition, the application requires that you attach certain documents that detail the underlying conviction and your readiness to be a productive member of society again. It requires evidence of your income, your living situation, and your employment.

Finally, you can add character references to your application. Your Muskogee pardon attorney knows the ins and outs of every step of the pardon process, and can help you understand what documents are best to attach. If you make a mistake in the application, you will have to wait another year before you can reapply.

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Your Muskogee pardon attorney is experienced and knows how to best present your case to the Pardon Board. When you are ready to get back on track, you want the best in your corner. Get your pardon, and get it done right the first time.

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