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Why hire a Guardianship Attorney?

muskogee guardianship attorneyHearings about a court-appointed guardian can be a difficult process. That is why you need to have a Muskogee guardianship attorney that can help with your loved one’s matter in a knowledgeable, confidential and compassionate manner.

The process you’re about to embark on involves the Oklahoma court appointing guardians to make decisions for a person who lacks sufficient capacity to manage their own needs, such as the ability to obtain food, shelter, clothing, medical care and other life necessities. Whether it’s for an elderly family member or for a minor child, having a guardianship attorney involved in the process can help protect the interests of everyone involved.

Guardian’s Role

Minor Child: Depending on the age of the ward, the court-appointed guardian can differ in their role. When the court puts a child in the care of a guardian, the guardian can be financially responsible for all of their needs. That means the guardian’s assets can be used to provide for the child’s needs. If you and your spouse die, it’s important that you have established your child’s guardians to make sure they are not left in the care of strangers. It’s important to point out a guardianship does not have the permanence and estate-planning implications associated with adoption.

Adult: When it comes to a guardianship for an adult, it’s important to point out that the guardian for the most part is not responsible for providing financial support out-of-pocket. The guardian can oversee or manage whatever assets the ward currently has available, or can seek to arrange assistance through a variety of other resources. That could include assistance from public agencies, private charities or whatever other resources may be appropriate to help the ward.

If the court is looking to select a guardian for a physically or mentally incapacitated person, the judge will look for the best choice according to the ward’s preferences and needs. Sometimes before the ward gets to that mental or physical state, he or she can make the determination as to whom they would like as their guardian. These might include: the incapacitated person’s spouse, an adult child of the individual, a relative with whom they lived prior to the petition for guardianship, a designated caregiver, or sometimes a legally qualified specialized care professional.

By contacting a Muskogee guardianship attorney can help you can make sure you have the best guardianship arrangement for you and your family.

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