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muskogee adoption attorneyIt’s an exciting opportunity to start or grow your family by adopting a child, whether the adoption takes place in Oklahoma, elsewhere in the U.S. or internationally. However, it’s also a complicated legal process through which you’ll want an experienced Muskogee adoption attorney to help navigate. A family lawyer in Muskogee can help you avoid legal controversies surrounding the adoption now or down the road.

If you’re looking to adopt a child from here in the state of Oklahoma, there is a lot of red tape to cut through before you can welcome a child into your home. If it’s a voluntary adoption in which both birth parents agree to place their child up for adoption, they can choose whether or not to have a role in the child’s life.  As a Muskogee adoption attorney we work to make sure there are no delays in the voluntary adoption process.

As you consider taking the next step toward starting a family, it’s important to know what you’ll expect. In Oklahoma the courts require you to show that you’re able to care for an adoptive child financially and psychologically. The state also provides a prospective adoptive parent a complete medical and social history report about your adoptive child. As adoption lawyers, we often help gather information about the child’s mother that could affect the child’s possible health.

International Adoption Assistance

Our team can also help families here in Muskogee County who are looking to adopt internationally. We help make sure the process goes smoothly by assisting with obtaining travel documents in the country you are visiting. Foreign children adopted from other countries must first obtain a U.S. visa before they can travel or move to the United States, and our team can aid in the process. Additionally, we help to fill any possible gaps left open in the process by the adoption agency to make sure there are no legal surprises now or down the road for you and your family.

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