Muskogee Lawyer BlogWhen Can I Get A Child Support Modification in Muskogee?

child support modification in MuskogeeA court may have determined your child support payments at a time when your circumstances were significantly different from what they are now. You or your ex could have achieved a higher income level. Thus, these different circumstances warrant a child support modification in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

It is also possible that you may have lost your job or you have medical needs that were not present when the child support orders were issued. Your child could also develop medical needs that were not catered for at the time the child support orders were issued.

Other Circumstances That May Necessitate a Child Support Modification in Muskogee

Your child or children grow older, and their needs change. Medical needs and a child going to school are examples of changes that are inevitable as a child grows.

Custody arrangements could also change. Perhaps you now have more time with the children and feel the need to request a modification of custody arrangement. Any significant change in the circumstances of either parent or the child may warrant a modification of child support obligations.

When Can a Court Grant a Modification of Child Support Payments?

When is it right to request a modification to child support obligations? Muskogee, Oklahoma laws allow for an adjustment if it turns out there was a mistake in the original orders or there has been a significant change in circumstances.

A child support modification lawyer in Muskogee, Ok, could help you determine the child support changes that are possible in your particular case. Talk to one as soon as you desire to make modifications to your child support payments.

The guidelines possible for child support modifications are also available by using an online child support calculator. You can access an online calculator at the Oklahoma Department of Human Services website.

However, knowing the numbers will not mean much if you do not know what they will mean to a court.

Additional Considerations

The following factors may affect your ability to request a child support modification in Oklahoma:

  • If the original child support orders were issued in Muskogee, a modification could be sought in a Muskogee court. However, they were published outside Muskogee, a court in Muskogee could approve a transfer of the motion to modify to the other county where one of the parents is resident.
  • Does the original child support order contain an order for medical support?
  • Is there is a mistake in the original child support order?
  • Were the figures calculated according to the child support guidelines in Muskogee?
  • Will there be at least a 20% change in the calculated child support to be paid?
  • Have the circumstances of the child, or the parents changed significantly.

If the parent can prove to the court that one or more of the above conditions is met, the court may grant a motion to modify.

Either of the parents can request a modification to child support payments by moving a motion in court. However, a qualified Muskogee attorney who understands the court process is in the best position to request an amendment of child support payments. An attorney is the mostly likely person to convince the court that the modification is necessary.

Free Consultation: Muskogee Child Support Lawyer

When your ex refuses to meet Oklahoma child support obligations, you may feel frustrated and wonder about your options. However, an experienced Muskogee child support attorney can help bring relief.

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