Muskogee Lawyer BlogWhat Happens When the Court Appoints a Guardian Ad Litem in my Muskogee Child Custody Case

guardian ad litem in MuskogeeIn a child custody case, a court may appoint a guardian ad litem if there are some issues that are contentious. A guardian ad litem in Muskogee, Oklahoma investigates what is in the best interests of children who are too young to represent themselves.

A court will appoint a guardian ad litem in a high conflict divorce case. The guardian ad litem is a professional who works with the child or children involved and looks at their lives to uncover what is best for them.

He or she can be a social worker, a child advocate attorney, or mental health professional. A guardian ad litem is different from a child attorney in that the latter does not necessarily represent the best interests of the child. Here is what you need to know about your Muskogee child custody case.

Why is a Guardian Ad Litem Appointed?

The individual appointed guardian ad litem is selected based on his or her expert knowledge of the issues in a case. This superior knowledge of the issues involved is what makes him or her able to determine the best interests of the children involved in a case.

A guardian ad litem in Muskogee represents the interests of children too young to be able to express their best interests in court. When parents cannot agree on any welfare issues regarding a child or one parent is concerned about specific welfare issues when the child is with the other parent, a guardian ad litem can be appointed to determine the best interests of the child.

After careful investigation, a guardian ad litem recommends what, in their expert opinion, is in the best interests of the child. When both parents agree on a guardian ad litem’s recommendations, the case does not have to go for a hearing.

How Does the Guardian Ad Litem Determine a Child’s Best Interests?

A guardian ad litem concludes what is in a child’s best interests by interviewing all the parties involved in a child’s life. He or she will interview both parents, the child or children, and other players who may contribute valuable information related to the custody case.

Other individuals who are most likely to be interviewed include other family members, the parents of your child’s friends, teachers, sports coaches, neighbors, religious leaders, and friends of either parent.

What are the Questions That a Guardian Ad Litem is Likely to Ask?

A guardian ad litem may ask questions about the interaction between both parents of the child or children involved. The guardian ad litem may ask about significant impacts in the relationship between both parents and their child or children, and how each parent interacts with the child or children.

Other issues the guardian ad litem will investigate is what is causing the custody conflict. He or she may ask questions to determine the how and why of the custody contentions.

The parenting style of each parent will also be considered alongside the child’s routine. The guardian ad litem will find out the child’s school, weekend, and holiday schedules.

The guardian ad litem will usually request a list of at least five or so people that he or she can interview.

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