Muskogee Lawyer BlogShould You Talk to an Insurance Adjuster After a Muskogee Car Crash?

Muskogee car crashInsurance companies are businesses that make money when they pay as few Muskogee car crash claims as possible. Even though they cannot avoid paying all claims, they focus on reducing what they pay.

An insurance adjuster works for an insurance company, and their loyalty is with their employer. If you need to talk to an insurance adjuster, it would be advisable to be in the company of your Muskogee attorney. While the insurance adjuster will represent the insurance company, a personal injury lawyer will represent your interests.

After a Muskogee car crash, you may be confused and at a loss as to what to do or say. Your first reaction might be to apologize to the other motorists involved in the accident or admit liability.

Avoid at all costs making apologies to others involved in the accident even if it was your fault. Never admit liability.

What to Do After a Muskogee Car Crash

Do not start talking to an insurance adjuster in the absence of your lawyer, as you may not realize the impact of your words. You will only make it easier for your insurance adjuster to find something that can work against you by trusting them totally and expecting them to have your best interests at heart.

As soon as you get hit or hit someone, talk to your Muskogee personal injury attorney. He will help you avoid saying seemingly innocent things to your insurance adjuster that may damage your case.

If you must talk to an insurance adjuster after an accident, here are some ideas to consider.

State Only Facts

Avoid speculating what could have happened during an accident. Don’t give your thoughts on the accident.

Do not fall for the mistaken assumption that you are chatting with a friend or family member when talking to an insurance adjuster. Avoid off the cuff remarks and assumptions. A wild or misplaced statement you make about the accident could likely work against you in the case.

Conjectures can have serious negative consequences. It would be best to be accompanied by your personal injury lawyer as you chat with your insurance adjuster so that you don’t hurt your case.

If you visit your insurance adjuster alone, stick with the facts, and do not guess or state your opinion on anything.

Do Not Record a Statement for Your Insurance Adjuster

If your insurance adjuster requests you to record a statement, decline. In the opinion of a personal injury lawyer in Muskogee, OK, you should never record a statement.

You may think recording a statement is harmless, but it could end up severely hurting your claim. What you remember after a tragic accident may not be accurate. Such inaccuracies put in a report work against you.

If you happen to record a statement and later decide to change some facts, your case could be hurt. Additionally, what you recorded could be taken out of context and used against you even if the account you give of the accident is accurate. Filing a written statement is more likely to follow you throughout the case with negative consequences.

Consult a Healthcare Professional After a Muskogee Car Crash

Do not assume you are okay after you have been in an accident just because you feel no pain or see no signs of injury. Your body is wired to handle physically traumatic situations in a way that may prevent you from knowing the extent of your injuries until after some time. The adrenaline that flows into your body after an accident may mask some physical pain.

Have a healthcare professional check you out soon after the accident. Do not be so concerned about others who have been hurt in the accident that you forget your health.

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