Muskogee Lawyer BlogWhat Do You Need to Have a Valid Will in Oklahoma?

You Need to Have Testamentary Capacity

Video Transcribed:  What do you need to have a valid will in Oklahoma? I am Muskogee Attorney Eric Strocen. The first thing you need is legal capacity, you need to be 18 years of age or older. attorney in Muskogee

Secondly, you need to have testamentary capacity, which basically just means a sound mind. Third, you need testamentary intention, this document has to have been for purposes of distributing property after you pass away, otherwise, it’s not about will.

The next thing is you need to observe the formalities protected under the Oklahoma law for making a will. I do know that there was a case a long time ago where someone inscribed their will on the side of a tractor before their passing.

So there are potentially numerous ways that you could comply with these formalities. If you have any estate planning needs, come see us at the Wirth Law offices or visit us online at

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