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  • Is There a Way for Probate to Go Quicker?

    In the state of Oklahoma, probate is a necessary procedure to protect the estate assets of someone who’s passed away.

  • Who is Responsible for Probate in Muskogee, Oklahoma

    Probate is the court-supervised process of finalizing a person’s estate after he or she has died. It includes verifying the validity of the will, taking inventory of the property left by the deceased, having the property appraised, paying off the debts and taxes, and distributing the remainder of the proceeds in accordance with the decedent’s […]

  • How Does the Probate Process Work?

    Probate is not a term that occurs in normal, everyday conversation. Unfortunately, when probate does occur in conversation, it is typically related to a person’s death or in anticipation of one dying. As a result, probate can be an uncomfortable topic that brings confusion, anger, and grief. Nevertheless, it is important to understand the probate […]