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Five Things You Must Do In a Muskogee Divorce

Five Things You Must Do In a Muskogee Divorce

You go through a lot of emotions when you file for a Muskogee divorce. Since you’re not an expert in divorce law, you may not know all that needs to be done from when you file for divorce to when you get the divorce decree (order). You should get a divorce attorney in Muskogee, OK, to walk with you through your divorce.

Here are five things you must do in a Muskogee divorce for it to be a success.

Fulfill the Residency Requirements

To be granted a divorce in Muskogee, Oklahoma, you must have resided in the state for at least six months. In addition, you or your spouse must have lived in the county where the divorce is filed for at least 30 days. This requirement is must be fulfilled for your divorce in Oklahoma to be granted.

However, if your spouse has moved out of state, you can still file for a Muskogee divorce.

Temporary Injunction in a Muskogee Divorce

After you have filed for divorce and your partner has been served, an automatic temporary injunction goes into effect. You must not act in any manner that will violate the temporary injunction. Disregarding the orders of the court could result in any number of consequences, including being held in contempt.

You must also comply with temporary orders. Compliance with court-issued orders shows your goodwill and your desire to expedite your Oklahoma divorce case, which serves everyone’s best interests. A divorce that drags on and on because of non-compliance with orders can be an emotional and financial drain on you and your partner. Consequently, courts make those who violate their orders pay a high price.

Provide Any Required Information

Provide the courts or the other side with the information that they require. Give accurate information to courts or the other side of all assets and incomes if it is requested.

Insurance information may also be requested. Such information is required when determining child support and many other matters.

Check if your county has standardized disclosure forms and use them. You don’t have to supply any information if it is not requested.

Avoid Disparaging Your Spouse Around Your Children

Avoid disparaging your spouse in the presence of your children. Emotions tend to run high during a divorce. Hence, you may not care what you say about your partner — even in the presence of your children.

But controlling your emotions when the children are present will make the judge look favorably at your position. It shows the judge that you value the relationship your children have with their other parent. You will be viewed as promoting the best interests of your children.

On the other hand, not controlling your emotions can hurt your custody and visitation rights case. You could end up supplying the other side with evidence to use against you. If you send bad texts to your children about their other parent, that could be used to show your emotional instability.

Ensure You Are Legally Married

Make sure you are actually married to your partner before you file for a Muskogee divorce. While Oklahoma recognizes common law marriages, proving such a relationship existed can be difficult in a divorce case. For example, one partner may deny a marriage existed to avoid paying alimony.

Hence, it can be challenging to prove a common law marriage existed when one partner denies it. But even if a divorce case falls apart, issues like child custody, support, and division of property still need to be resolved by the court.

Additional Advice

Whatever it is that you are doing to get your legal separation and divorce, it is helpful to understand how the law applies to your unique case. No two cases are the same, and an experienced Muskogee family law attorney can help you resolve any outstanding divorce issues or questions you may have.

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