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alimony in OklahomaAlimony in Oklahoma is awarded to one of the parties in a divorce if it is necessary. Irrespective of the gender of the needy party, if a marriage has lasted for some period and need is proved, alimony could be granted in a Muskogee court.

Alimony is rehabilitative. It is granted for a limited period to give the supported spouse time to gain financial independence outside the marriage.

What is Alimony in Oklahoma?

Alimony in Muskogee is also referred to as spousal support or the financial support one spouse pays the other after divorce. It is not a legal requirement, but is meant to support the needy spouse to gain some financial independence after the divorce. It can be paid in a lump sum or in installments.

When a separating couple cannot agree on the alimony terms, the courts set them. The courts determine the amounts payable to the supported spouse according to several factors:

  • the duration of the marriage;
  • the age of each of the spouses;
  • job skills;
  • income; and
  • the ability of the supported spouse to get a job and become independent.

The duration of alimony is determined by what is reasonable at the time the alimony is awarded and the time required for the supported spouse to become self-reliant.

Long-term or even lifelong alimony may be awarded after a lengthy marriage if the receiving spouse needs continuing support.

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance is what the court orders to be paid to one spouse during the duration of divorce proceedings. After a divorce decree is issued, spousal support is terminated and alimony may be awarded.

Once awarded, alimony can be modified if circumstances dictate it. If the receiving spouse experiences an increase or decrease in living expenses, maintenance can be modified.

Does Alimony Remain if the Receiving Spouse Remarries?

If a receiving spouse starts living with a member of the opposite sex, that can be grounds for a modification of alimony. Alimony is terminated in the event of the death of an ex-spouse or if the receiving partner remarries.

If you are going through a divorce, a Muskogee alimony lawyer can help you negotiate the duration and amount of alimony payments that may be awarded by a court.

Talk to an alimony divorce attorney in Muskogee, OK today, and work on a settlement that is most suitable in your case. Alimony is meant to address the income differences between you and your spouse. An experienced Muskogee attorney can help improve the chances of you getting the best outcome in your case.

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