Muskogee Lawyer BlogWhen the Other Parent Won’t Pay Child Support in Muskogee

child support in MuskogeeThe non-custodial parent must pay child support in Muskogee, Oklahoma. An ex-partner or spouse cannot just stop support payments whenever they wish. There are measures that a custodial parent can take to force a defaulting ex to pay up.

Some of the reasons a non-custodial parent may fail to pay are genuine. They may lose their job or have some unexpected expenses such as medical bills. When there is a valid reason for the delay in making child support payments, the custodial parent should initiate a discussion with the other parent and work out a way to handle the situation.

What Can I Do if My Ex Adamantly Refuses to Pay Child Support?

The non-payment of child support in Muskogee is a difficult situation for a custodial parent. If the parent is unemployed, taking care of the child can become stressful.

All arrears in child support payments must be paid. However, but it could take some time before collections are made.

Here are some steps a custodial parent can take to collect child support payments.

Make the Non-Paying Parent Uncomfortable

Measures such as getting the driver’s, business, and professional licenses of the other parent revoked could cause the defaulting parent to become uncomfortable enough to resume paying their child support in Muskogee. Okla. Stat. tit. 43 § 139.1

Get a Lien Against Property

Getting a lien placed against the property of the non-custodial parent takes paperwork, investigation, and time. A lien allows the custodial parent or the state to sell whatever property against which the lien is placed to pay child support arrears.

Child Support is an Automatic Judgment

Child support is an automatic judgment against a non-custodial parent. All arrearages are added to the judgment.

Get Agency Help

The government can step in to enforce the payment of outstanding child support. In Muskogee, child support payments may be made by wage assignment. In such a case, an employer sends payments directly to the custodial parent. Okla. Stat. tit. 43 § 413

Where such an arrangement is in effect, the Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry could ensure the submission of payments. The agency may work as a collection agency. Okla. Stat. tit. 43 § 237

However, the Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry does not prepare the necessary paperwork. Also, the agency does not serve the employer of the non-custodial parent; it only helps with collections.

The custodial parent or their attorney does the paperwork and serves the other parent. The Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry can help locate the non-custodial parent if they disappear. Also, the agency can help with enforcement.

However, the Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry. could take a long time to carry out its duties. Thus, this may not quickly bring relief to a custodial parent who needs a speedy solution. The agency has a long waiting list of cases, and it may be some time before they get to a particular situation.

File a Contempt of Court Action

The custodial parent may file a contempt of court action against the defaulting ex. The other parent can be punished with fines, attorneys’ fees, and jail.

However, court action rarely solves the problem of unpaid child support. Thus, this is used as a last resort. Talk to your Muskogee attorney about this option.

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