Muskogee Lawyer BlogWhat Are Jury Instructions?

Jury Instructions Can Determine the Outcome of the Case

attorney in MuskogeeVideo Transcribed:  What are jury instructions? Hi, I’m Eric Strocen. I’m an attorney in Muskogee, Oklahoma with the Wirth Law Offices. And I’m here to talk to you today about this important topic.

Jury instructions are the list of elements broken down for jury members to be able to make their decisions as to whether someone is not guilty or guilty for purposes of a criminal trial. Now, these are extremely important because they will ultimately be what determine the outcome of the case.

Now, if you’re in a criminal trial, the state or the tribe has to prove all of those elements. They have to prove all of those things and have it broken down simply and not as complicated as it is in maybe a statute that references the crime and may reference a certain subsection to another statute.

It’s much easier on the eyes to just give the jury something that is concrete and pretty solid for them to look at when they’re going to deliberate. If you have any questions on this topic, or you need a confidential meeting to talk about the potential for your case to go to trial, please give the Muskogee Criminal Defense Attorney a call or visit us online at

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