Muskogee Lawyer BlogWhat Do You Do When Your Ex Is Not Following the Court’s Order?

It All Depends On The Court Order

Video Transcribed:  What do you do when your ex is not following the court’s order? Hi, I’m Eric Strocen. I’m an attorney in Muskogee, Ok with the Wirth Law Offices, and I’m here to explain this important topic. There are several different things you might do, and it would depend on the court order.

attorney in MuskogeeThe most common thing that I see is the judge saying, “Hey, you have to do X, Y, or Z,” and that person just isn’t doing it. Whether they’re doing it subtly or just completely outright, there are avenues to get into court and to say, “Hey, judge, we need your help to enforce your orders.”

Whether that be by writ, whether that be by directing them. At times that can be sanctioned, which can include, in some cases, a fine or jail time. Or that person posts a bond in order to make sure that the court is reasonably safe in ensuring their compliance with certain court orders.

If you’re needing help with enforcing a previous order or to have someone held responsible for their violations of a court’s orders, If you have a criminal matter you’re needing assistance with, please reach out to the Muskogee Criminal Defense Attorney at the Wirth Law Offices.

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