Muskogee Lawyer Blog3 Important Things To Do If You Have Been In A Car Accident in Oklahoma

car accidentCar accidents are rarely expected, but having a plan of action in mind before an accident occurs can ease the stress amidst the chaos that ensues. Furthermore, knowing what to do when involved in a car accident can help protect one’s right to compensation later for the damages.

When you experience a car accident, here are 3 important things to do:

  1. Call for Help Immediately

Promptly following a car accident, the first thing you want to do is to get to safety and, if you can, help others to safety. If you are able to move your car to a safer location, do so. Afterward, establish that everyone in your car is stable. Check for bleeding and any other medical emergencies, and, generally, make sure there are no major problems with the passengers in your vehicle.

Then, call 911 and get the police, the fire department and ambulances on the way immediately. You want these professionals present to help you and your passengers as soon as possible. If you have any injuries, seek medical treatment. Do not try to assume that you will be okay. You may not be aware of how seriously you’re injured; also, the lack of documented medical treatment might hurt your chances to recover damages later. Follow whatever advice you are given by medical personnel on the scene and fully cooperate with the authorities.

  1. Collect As Much Evidence As Possible

Next, you want to gather information about the person who caused your accident. Get his or her driver’s license number, insurance policy information, license plate number and anything else you think is necessary to help identify the person. It is also recommended that you use your phone’s camera to take pictures of the accident, the vehicles, and the other driver(s) involved in the accident. Take pictures and get the statements of any witnesses to the accident as well.

In addition, take pictures of any skid marks, potholes, traffic signs or anything else that may have been an obstruction to either driver’s view to help determine who was responsible for the accident. Once the accident is cleaned up, you will have lost the chance to gather any evidence, so it very important that you start the process of collecting and documenting evidence immediately. This will help your attorney resolve your case with the best possible results. Individuals who preserve evidence shortly after an accident often recover more financially because there are fewer disputes over who caused what to occur.

  1. Notify Your Insurance Company 

Report everything that happened to your insurance company as accurately as possible, whether you were at fault or not. This step is important because the other driver may be under-insured or not insured at all. It is also necessary that you notify the others driver’s insurance company as soon as possible. Give them your name and insurance information and provide them with a brief version of the accident. If they request more information, inform them that you will get back to them after you have spoken with your personal injury attorney.

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Car accidents occur unexpectedly, but being prepared to take action protects your right to be compensated for your damages. For more detailed advice on what you should do after a car accident in Oklahoma, contact an experienced car accident attorney.

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