Muskogee Lawyer BlogWhat Does It Mean When Someone Has Died Intestate?

If You Die Without Making a Will, a Court Will Distribute Your Property According to the Laws of Your State

Video Transcribed: What does it mean when someone has died intestate? I am Muskogee Attorney Eric Strocen. Intestate succession refers to the government-provided estate planning mechanism provided for in the statute. Let me sum that up a little bit more plainly for you.

attorney in MuskogeeIt just means that the government, the legislature at some time, sat down and decided, hey, this is how property is going to be distributed when we’re not exactly sure what the decedent’s intentions were.

Now once the property is subject to intestate succession, we can’t go in and alter based on evidence of what the person wanted, which is why it’s important that your estate planning be done in advance.

That way your loved ones aren’t left trying to figure out what it is you would have wanted, or end up debating property that you clearly have told everybody verbally, “Hey, this has to go to this person.

This is to go to that person. This is to go to that charity.” For any plans for estate planning Tahlequah, you may have, you can come to see us at the Wirth Law Offices, or just visit us online at

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