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Beyond the Horizon: Your Estate Counselor’s Role

Muskogee estate planning attorneyThere are few areas of law more complex than estate planning, but there are strong reasons not to neglect it or take unreliable shortcuts. First, a skilled Muskogee estate planning attorney can help ensure that in your future and after your death, those you want to have the assets you worked for get as much as possible, rather than see it go to others, or to the tax collector. In addition, effective estate planning can help those you leave behind avoid the expense, delays and frustration of having to deal with probate court.

The estate planning attorneys at Wirth Law Office in Muskogee have the expertise and experience to make sure your wishes are honored, and death taxes are eliminated or minimized. Skilled at assembling the right planning resources and helping you understand the best ways to securing your wishes for yourself and your loved ones, they offer clients a full range of estate planning services and assistance. They can explain and put into effect the documents you may need – wills, trusts, living wills, revocable living trusts, advance healthcare directives and powers of attorney – to accomplish your objectives.

To understand the choices you need to make so that the estate plan you create will actually work the way you intended when it’s needed, contact the experienced Muskogee estate planning attorney at the Wirth Law Office. To learn about your options, and to get expert help in protecting your assets and your objectives, call the Wirth Law Office’s Muskogee attorneys today at (918) 913-0725, or call toll-free at 1-(888) 947-8452 [Wirth Law] for a free consultation.

Surprisingly, even though estate planning raises such serious issues and may involve significant assets, many people try to deal with them without the expert help they’d seek for less important areas. Do-it-yourself might sometimes work for home or auto repairs, but relying on a homemade will copied from a book or software program can invite large, costly problems.

How you manage your assets may also affect your eligibility for Social Security, Medicare or other benefits. The only way to make sure your estate planning and legal documents will help you achieve the legacy you want — a secure plan providing for you future and for your loved ones – is to consult an experienced estate planning attorney.

Without careful planning and the right documents, your assets may not be fully protected, and a court or strangers – not you – may end up deciding the future of your loved ones. Even if you have previously done some estate planning, you may want to have a check-up to make sure the plans you made previously will still accomplish your objectives. Laws in the area are complex and changeable, and if your family or financial circumstances have changed since you made an earlier estate plan, you should take further steps to make sure your legacy is secure.

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