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Muskogee dog bite attorneyWere you or a loved one attacked by a dog or other animal? Oklahoma law provides for remedies when an owner fails to control their pet. National statistics show that dogs attack an estimated 4.7 million Americans each year, and around 800,000 of those require medical care. In Muskogee County a dog owner is responsible for damages their animal causes if the victim did nothing to provoke the dog and is victim is rightfully on the property. That’s why a Muskogee dog bite attorney can answer your questions to see if you’re entitled compensation under the law.

The pain and suffering from a dog bite can take a real toll on a family’s financial resources.  It’s estimated that dog bites cause an $1 billion in damages each year, but the insurance industry compensations only 15,000 to 16,000  dog-bite claims in a typical year, with compensation totaling about $350 million. Victims’ costs after a dog bite can include doctors appointments, reconstructive surgery and, of course, missed work.

Dog Bites in Public

Dog owners are required to control their animals when they are in a public place. Oklahoma law considers a public place to be any area that is not under private ownership, including the streets, sidewalks, parks, playgrounds, and other places covered that we can discuss with you. If an animal attacks you when you’re on private property doing your job — including as a utility worker, delivery driver or postal carrier — or as a guest, you could be entitled to receive compensation for injuries the animal causes. An experienced Muskogee dog bite attorney can help you determine whether your injuries qualify you for compensation.

Animal Attacks

Oklahoma law requires dog owners and owners of other domestic animals to restrain their animals so as to prevent an attacks. In our state, the requirement to restrain animals includes farm animals such as cattle, horses, and goats. If any animal that should have been under someone else’s control has attacked you, you may be entitled to possible compensation.

Animal Property Damage

Oklahoma statutes also state that an animal owner is responsible for the damages their pet does to someone else’s property. Quite often, animals manage to make their way past a poorly maintained fence, which could leave the owner responsible for any damages that occur outside their property. If an animal has trespassed onto your property and caused damages, you may be entitled to compensation under state statutes.

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