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Eligible for a Green Card?

Muskogee green card attorneyIf you are seeking permanent residence status through your family, a job offer, asylum or as a refugee, you can apply for a green card. A Muskogee green card attorney can also share the many other special provisions that are available for those trying to receive permanent residency.  At the Wirth Law Office – Muskogee one of our knowledgeable immigration attorneys can provide clear answers for the often complicated process of trying to get a green card.

 Government Requirements

  • Be eligible for one of the immigrant categories established in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA)
  • Have a qualifying immigrant petition filed and approved for you (with a few exceptions)
  • Have an immigrant visa immediately available
  • Be admissible to the United States

(Source: U.S. Department of Homeland Security)

Categories of Green Card Eligibility

Family Based: Immediate relatives of U.S. citizens are given higher priority to receive a green card. They do not have to wait for visas to become available. There are no limits on the number of visas in this category. For other categories, there are a set number of visas that can be issued every year. That is why it’s important that your application is in order and ensure that there are no mistakes that could possibly delay the process.

Jobs or Employment Based:  If you’re looking to move to Oklahoma from another country for a job, you would need to receive a green card. A Muskogee green card attorney can help explain the different levels of preference the U.S. government gives to workers depending on their job category.

Refugee or Asylum Status: If you’ve been admitted to the country as a refugee or have asylum status or the qualifying spouse or child does, then you’ll have to apply for a green card one year after entry. For more information on green cards for refugees, contact our Muskogee office to explain the many unique requirements for this type of legal document.

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